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The Latest Professional Carpet Cleaning in Brighton

Carpet Cleaning Brighton Over 97% of our current and former clients say they'd use us again, and there must be a reason why... Book your carpet cleaning in Brighton from us today and see for yourself. What other local service provides the expertise needed to clean any kind of fabric in any kind of property?

We fully guarantee your service too. Provide full insurance. And deliver multiple techniques for dealing with all types of different material, including synthetic and natural varieties. Plus, there's optional Scotchgard protection available on top. It's your one-stop shop for all kinds of fabric cleaning - all under one roof.

Get a free quote on just how little your service could cost by dialling 01273 980020 now. Whether you give us a call, or use our chat facility or booking form to get in touch there'll always be a free, no-obligation quote for you as part of your booking process.

The Benefits You Get With Your Brighton Rug Cleaning

  • This one service gets you the tools and trained professionals you need for any kind of rug cleaning in Brighton!

  • A variety of methods ideal for treating any kind of fabric, and Scotchgard protection and air movers available on request

  • Insurance protection provided for all your rugs as standard

  • Get in touch to make your booking 24 hours a day, any day of the week

  • Stunning value on a high quality service - and a free quote upfront!

How Your Appointment Will Work

Carpet Cleaners Brighton Our first step will always be to investigate and inspect. If you know what type of material covers your floors that's great, but if not we'll need to pH test it to make sure we're using the correct treatment method. We check for stains too - any markings will be addressed before the main body of your service starts. This way, you'll have the best chance of getting them all removed.

The methods we use include:

  1. Dry Cleaning: suited to natural fabrics, this method relies on special absorptive powders, and no liquid cleaners of any kind.

  2. Steam Cleaning: usually matched with synthetic fibres, this technique uses a heated steam and detergent mix to achieve amazing results.

The steam - or hot water extraction - cleaning system we use usually requires a drying time of between one-and-a-half and three hours. Materials treated by dry cleaning of course, are instantly ready to use.

Reliable and Effective Carpet Cleaning in Brighton

We know that reliability and effectiveness are two of the main things you're going to be looking for when you're hiring rug cleaners in Brighton. And we believe that friendliness and a dedication to great customer service couldn't hurt either! That's why we only ever send experienced specialists to your door, and cover you with full insurance and a free re-clean guarantee.

Saving You Money

This service makes a great add-on to the one off cleaning and end of tenancy cleaning that we offer. Set up a combined booking with us, and get ready to enjoy some stunning savings!